Wiki ContributorsFall 2012 University of Memphis
Remember to alphabetize this list by last name as it's being made. Or help out your classmates who have already posted their intros, but are not in the correct order.

Alicia Arceneaux, AliciaArceneaux, PhD Candidate, Southern Regional Ethnomusicology, minor in History
Brian Blurton, bjblrton, Senior, History
Matthew Cagle, username mtcagle, Junior, History.
Rachel Clark, username rachclark, Sophomore, History.
Montgomery Cole, tmcole, Senior, History/JDST
Jennifer DeYoung, username jdeyoung1, Senior, History and English
Courtney Fly,cefly, Senior, Film and [[#|Video Production]]
Jayne Fouche', MJayneFouche, Senior, History
Thomas Gandee, 'tagandee', Senior, History and Political Science
Donnie Garrison, donnie.garrison, senior, BA Hist. Min. Eng
Kevin Goering, kcgoering, Senior, Physics and [[#|Computer Science]] with minor in Mathematics
Craig Herndon, username cthrndon, [[#|undergraduate]]in Computer Science who is interested in vikings.
Caser Hilder, username caseyhilder, Journalism graduate student.
Dylan Holzemer, holzemerd; Junior, History
Angela Howard, Anelakeo, Senior, History and English
James Kennedy, Jknnedy, Senior, History and Japanese
David Lewis, dslewis11, Junior, Anthropology
Eric Lindquester, Elndqster, Senior, History
Grahm Phinney, gphinney, Senior, History
Andrew Overstreet, aoverstreet, Junior, History
Sarah Potts, sdpotts, Junior, Video & [[#|Film Production]]
Trevor Ramsey, TRamsey24, Junior, History and Political Science
James Rose, username JmRose32, Junior, History & Anthropology.
Kent Stratton, kcstratton, Senior, History
Jonathan Swann, jsswann, Senior, History and German
Kimberly Taylor, kataylr, Junior, History and English
Katherine Tubbs, username dktubbs, Junior, Biology & [[#|Sociology]].
Nolan Wilson, NolanTheWilson, Junior, History

Dr. Courtney Luckhardt, username luckhardt, is the instructor for the course.