Viking age artisans and farmers are not nearly as well known as their counterparts the Viking raiders, yet they provided the means of support necessary to maintain raids, as well as sustain a growing Scandinavian culture.The mind of the average person today, upon hearing the word “Viking,” often conjures up the popular images of a tall blonde and bearded man in armor and a horned hat, sailing in his longship to pillage and plunder his way across Europe. While in some ways these images have roots in historical fact, more often than not the whole of Norse society in the Viking Age is lumped together with this image. Unfortunately, this is clearly not the case. As with any culture, societies are not made up solely of warrior and raiders. Although such folk as these may take the spotlight from their less prominent brethren, the fact of the matter is that there was a vibrant support structure of artisans and farmers who upheld day-to-day Norse society while the raiders were off in some foreign land. Whether they were farmers or shipbuilders, traders or metallurgists, these people were an integral part of Viking society. It must be remembered that even the Vikings’ navigational abilities were based on skills that required more than just a strong sword arm. Although the traditional “Viking” Vikings may take their place in the popular imagination, the men and women who supported them were just as valuable.

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