Christian Clerics
and the Conversion

Picture stone from about 1000 CE depicting a man holding a cross.
Picture stone from about 1000 CE depicting a man holding a cross.

The Christian Clerics
Methods of Conversion
Time and Place of Conversions
The Converted
Reasons for the Conversions
The sub-pages of this page are dedicated to explaining the importance and existences of Christian Clerics during the Viking age of Scandinavia and Europe. The Christian Clerics were a key factor in the process of converting the Vikings to Christianity from their Pagan Beliefs and Practices and other beliefs regarding Life and Death.

In regards to conversion, according to the available sources on the matter, it would often become violent, and the conversion would seldom outlast the death of whoever enforced it -- until more stable and permanent governments were established, such as the Kingdom of Norway under King Olaf II. (See Kings, Nobles, and Warriors)

Notes: Ole E. Henriksen. "DR 290 Sövestad 1," photograph, 2007,, (accessed 01 Dec 2012)

Christian Clerics and the Conversion - Group 5

Rachel - Who were the clerics/converters (The Christian Clerics)
Jonathan - How were conversions attempted/methods of conversion (Methods of Conversion)
Kevin - When/where were the conversions (Time/Place of Conversions)
Montgomery -Changes in Viking behavior after conversion (The Converted)
David - Why the conversions/why the scale (Reasons for the Conversions)