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Pagan Beliefs and Practices Key Terms

saga - the literary framework on which Scandinavian authors recorded stories from the past, as well as composed new stories themselves.
(Paganism and Mythology, Dr. Courtney Luckhardt)

seeress - A woman who acts as a prophet or clairvoyant.
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godars- high priests in Medieval Scandinavian society. They were considerd the highest ruling power before royal power existed.

2. Danegeld- A tax levied in the 10th century Anglo-Saxon England to finance protection against Danish invaders. It was later used for military expenditures. By 1012, Danegeld had created a taxation system that made England very wealthy, due to the Viking raidings.

3. Danelaw- Danish settlements in England during the 10th century where Danish local law survives regardless of the laws in the surrounding areas. The Viking settlers of Eastern England did, however, recognize the authority of the English kings. By the 11th century the term Danelaw was being used to indicate the geographical area in which customary law was influenced by Danish practice. In the 12th century it was defined in documents as comprising all of eastern England between the Thames and the Tees.
As a result:
-mutual social, economic, and political dependence between Danes and Anglo-Saxons
-an ability to bridge the language barrier between Old-Norse and Old English
-Intermarriage=easy assimilation
-a later collective identity

  1. Dorestad
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