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Eric Lindquester-Emporium
Emporiums were simply, market towns. They were also called wics. The Emporiums were a very important part of Europe throughout the [[#|Viking]] age and even beyond. These towns were very busy trade centers and were often located on rivers and along coasts. In most cases these towns existed before the Vikings arrived and were subsequently raided and then settled by the Vikings. In some cases, especially in Eastern Europe, where towns did not really exist the Vikings established them. Emporiums were important for a variety of reasons including centers for many economies, and they kept the Vikings “grounded.” In a lot of cases, especially after the Vikings had established themselves in them, they were also well defended. If these Emporiums were along rivers or at their mouths they would offer protection for the cities and towns up river. Major Emporiums in Western Europe: Dorestad, York, Dublin and Hedeby. Major Emporiums in Eastern Europe: Kiev, Ladoga, and Novgorod.

James Kennedy – Eddic Poetry

Eddit poetry is poems about mythology and heroes and has a far greater importance on oral, pre-Christian society than the literature has on society today. It was a principal way in which knowledge of ethics, religion, [[#|history]], and political ideology were transmitted in Scandinavian society. Eddic poetry usually entails the deeds of a hero or of mythology.

Thomas Gandee - Godfred, King of the Danes

Godfred is known for upsetting the balance of power with the Franks (Charlemagne) in the Eastern part of his empire. After the Franks conquered Saxony and gave the lands over to the Abrodites, Godfred arrived with a [[#|fleet]] and “all the cavalry of his kingdom”. He attacked the Abrodites who were allies with Charlemagne and the Abrodites were forced to pay tribute. Godfred is also known for ransacking the Emporium of Reric, which was a wealthy trading post, and kidnapping all the merchants resettling them in Denmark so that he could benefit from their trading. Charlemagne was intending to counter-attack until he learned that Godfred had been killed by one of his own entourage and his successor-nephew then made peace with the Franks.

Further key terms-

Long Serpent- The name of the ship commissioned by King of Norway Olaf Tryggvason. It was said in the sagas that this ship was the biggest ever made.

Charlemagne- The king of the Franks who reigned in the late 700s. He united the Franks and expanded the Frankish Empire past its original boarders. His military prowess was renown and he lost very few battles. Upon his death his son took over his empire.

Battle of Svold- The battle of Svold took place between Danish king Svein Forkbeard who was allied with Olof Skotkonung and King of Norway Olaf Tryggvason. In this battle Olaf Tryggvason was killed.