Kings, Nobles, and Warriors

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In all of history, we find leaders and fighters. No matter where you look there are kings, emperors, dictators, parliaments, and republics all either warriors themselves or with many at their disposal. It was no different during the times of the Vikings. The years of the Viking raids were characterized as being brutal and barbaric for those who endured it. The Kings ruling over this part of the world had to find ways to overcome this great threat banding with his neighbors to defend or paying off these new invaders. Some survived it, many did not. The Vikings are some of the worlds most fascinating historical figures for living this adventurous life of a raider. In the pages below, you will find some of the people from both sides.

The information given is divided into several pages: the regions are listed with some of the people that have been deemed are the most significant figures of their era. There will be some overlap of course as some figures leave one page to invade and pillage another.

Ireland, Scotland, & Wales
Franks & Rus
Sweden & Denmark
Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Arctic islands

Picture : Alfred the Great Statue
Picture taken by Odejea at Winchester.

Thomas - England, Scotland, Ireland

James - Franks, Rus

Caitlin - Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Arctic islands

Eric - Sweden, Denmark (Danes)