Carving on Hylestad church, Setesdal, Norway
Carving on Hylestad church, Setesdal, Norway

Before the beginning of metallurgy man was left with but a few material he could fashion a tool out of wither it be wood or stone but with the development of metallurgy a myriad of different types of materials such as , tin, bronze, iron, and steel would come into play.Metallurgy is the turnings of ore into usable metal too make anything from farming tools too a Viking battle ax. The process of turning rock into ore then ore into metal is process that takes a lot of steps the following are the main steps in the process of which is known as smithing an was normal done a person known as a black smith who learned his skill and was passed down from father to son. The smithing process is made of the following step

Forging - is the process in which metal is shaped by hammering.
Drawing - lengthens the metal by reducing one or both of the other two dimensions. As the depth is reduced, the width narrowed, or the piece is both lengthened and "drawn out."
Shrinking- is essentially opposite the process of drawing. As the edge of a flat piece is curved as in the making of a bowl shape the edge will become wavy as the material bunches up in a shorter radius
Bending - Heating iron to a "forging heat" allows bending as if it were a soft, ductile metal, like copper or silver.
Welding - is the joining of the same or similar kind of metal

Farming tool

Farming tools that was used by Viking would be that of iron tools such as sickles and hoes. Before metal tools farmers were stuck with the use of such instruments as the wooden spade or stone hoe that while being able to do the job is just not a durable as metal. With the use of metal tools man was able to farm bigger areas of land and use the same tool for many years with out having to replace it as often. Metal tools is one of the things that would lead to vikings being able to live in lands with rougher terrain then the rest of Europe.


The use of coins in Viking was around from the times of raiding and taking coins from the people that they were raiding but it wasn’t until the 9th century that they started to make their own. They would take the gold and silver that they got from raiding or trading even bribes and turn it into coins that would have the names and faces of their kings instead of using the same types of coins that were found in neighboring kingdoms they would be used with in kingdom in the viking world. The development of coins is a step in the Viking world that lead to them being able to carry on trade with one another and use money that is from their own land. The taking and melting down of metals such as gold or silver to make coins with the images of their own kings is something that most cultures do at one time or another.
money_penny_athelstan69 (1).jpg
Silver penny of Athelstan front

The above is types of coins that were used in the British Isles
silver penny of olaf


Jewelry used by the Viking people was kind of like a status symbol of who that person was it could be made from anything from bronze, tin, iron, gold , silver or what ever the person could afford to have a piece of jewelry from.While jewelry for most cultures would be that of women, men in the viking world wear brooches that would show what clan or what potion they held in society. These brooches could be made of from any kind of material that the person wear could afford.
silver brooch

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