Welcome to Viking Society!

On these pages, we will be creating a dynamic, interactive vision of Old Norse society in the early Middle Ages.

On these pages you will encounter the people, places, and ideas which defined the early medieval Scandinavian communities in the Viking Age, circa 800 -1200 CE. The descriptions are based upon the surviving corpus of Old Norse and Latin legal tracts, literature, annals, and other written sources, along with the archaeological record. This wiki is the creation of the members of the University of Memphis course "The Viking Age and the World of the Norse" and will grow over the term of the fall semester of 2012. We invite you to look around and explore our world as it evolves.

Peoples and Subjects of Interest in the Viking Age

Click on an image below or use the links to the left to learn about the various types of people who occupied a typical early medieval Viking community.

Kings, Nobles, and Warriors


Women and their status


Christian Clerics and their role


Pagan Beliefs and Practices

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Artisans and Farmers

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Life and Death